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Triumph Seals

You can now earn Gilded Triumph Seals, a seasonal-based achievement that sets you apart from the rest. You must earn the base Seals first, and then the option to earn the triumphs required to Gild your title will become available.

Please note: in order for us to complete any of these triumphs, you MUST already have the base Seals completed.

Flawless Triumph Seal Gild

– Lighthouse Warrior – Defeat 180 Guardians in Trials matches

– Light for the Lost – Carry 2 Guardians to their first flawless ticket while the “Light for the Lost” emblem is equipped (NOTE: you must have the emblem in your inventory)

– Flawless Empyrean – Win 7 matches while the “Flawless Empyrean” emblem is equipped and the player is holding a seven-win ticket (NOTE: you must have the emblem in your inventory)

– Guardian, I Have Gift for You – Earn 100 Trials rewards from Saint-14

– Exotic Passage – Complete a Flawless Passage with this season’s Exotic Bow or Scout Rifle equipped

Unbroken Triumph Seal Gild

– Valor Unbound – Earn 2 Valor Resets this season

– Unfaltering Glory – Earn a 4 win streak in the Glory playlist

– Valor Knows Not Defeat – Earn a 6 win streak in the Valor playlist

– They Will Know You by Your Collateral – Defeat 100 opponents with a grenade launcher this season

– Watch Them Fall – Defeat 350 Guardians in the Crucible

– To the Victor – Win 60 Crucible matches; Glory playlists contribute more progress

Dredgen Triumph Seal Gild

– Gold Coins – Win 50 Gambit matches

– Good Company – 10 matches won where you banked the most Motes, didn’t die, or dealt the most damage

– Infamous – Complete 1 Infamy Reset

– Get Out – Defeat 5 Invaders

– Death Heals Primeval – Defeat 25 Guardians as an Invader in Gambit

– Bang for Your Buck – Earn 100 Grenade Launcher takedowns in Gambit

Conqueror Triumph Seal Gild

-Complete GM Proving Grounds
-Complete GM The Insight Terminus
-Complete GM Warden of Nothing
-Complete GM Corrupted
-Complete GM The Inverted Spire
-Complete GM The Arms Dealer



  • For Flawless Triumph Seal: 1550+ Light Level
  • For Unbroken: 1250+ Light Level
  • For Dredgen: 1280+ Light Level
  • For Conqueror: 1385+ Light Level

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