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Exotic Weapon Questline

Complete a series of quests to acquire this Exotic Hand Cannon!

This weapon is obtained by completing a questline you get from Spider.  The Hawkmoon deals KINETIC damage and is equippable in the primary weapon slot.  If you need assistance completing this questline the GuardianHQ team is here to help!

Paracausal Shot

Paracausal Shot

Final round damage for precision hits.

Corkscrew RiflingCorkscrew Rifling

Balanced barrel.

Alloy MagazineAlloy Magazine

Faster reloads when the magazine is empty.

Smooth Grip

Smooth Grip

This weapon is slightly easier to hold and aim.

Weapon Questline

Locate Dead ExosAs the Crow Flies

Start the quest by talking to Spider.

Locate Dead Exos1. Paranoia

Search outside Spider’s lair.

Locate Dead Exos2. The Dreaming

Find the Second Feather.

Locate Dead Exos3. The Neverwas

Find the Third Feather.

Locate Dead Exos4. The Cursed

Find the Fourth Feather.

Locate Dead Exos5. The Purpose

Find the Final Feather.

Locate Dead ExosLet Loose Thy Talons

Speak to the Crow.

Locate Dead Exos6. Voices In Light

Complete the quest Cry From Beyond.

Locate Dead Exos6. Voices In Light

Complete the quest Cry From Beyond.

Locate Dead Exos7. Dream of a Dream

Talk to the Crow.

Locate Dead Exos8. Paracausal Refit

Generate 50 Orbs of Power.

Locate Dead Exos9. Paracausal Refit

Talk to the Crow.

Locate Dead Exos10. Further Interference

Return to the EDZ and investigate the marked coordinates.

Locate Dead Exos11. Further Interference

Collect more paracausal feathers in the reservoir to determine their purpose.

Locate Dead Exos12. Further Interference

Return to the Crow.

Locate Dead Exos13. Hunting Party

Defeat Guardians or Champions.

Locate Dead Exos14. Reforged in the Light

Enter mission “The Crow and the Hawk” in the EDZ and reforge Hawkmoon.

Locate Dead Exos15. For a Purpose

The Taken have come to disrupt your communion with the Traveler. Defeat the Taken.


Must be of 1220+ Power Level
Must have completed the Beyond Light Campaign
Must have access to the As The Crow Flies Quest from The Crow

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