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Exotic Weapon Questline

Malfeasance is a Exotic / Kinetic / Hand Cannon that comes with two special perks, Explosive Shadow & Taken Predator.

Shoot tainted slugs that burrow into the enemy. Stacking enough slugs causes them all to explode.

Bonus damage against Taken enemies and Gambit invaders.

The Malfeasance Questline consists of the following steps:

  1. The Seething Heart – Acquired by defeating the Ascendant Primeval in Gambit.
    (NOTEMust have acquired this step, we do not provide this service.)
  2. City of Secrets – Defeat 25 Taken Bosses or minibosses in the Dreaming City.
  3. The Corrupted – Complete the mission variant of The Corrupted Strike.
    (REQUIREMENTMust be 540+ Power Level.)
  4. Business as Usual – Win 10 Gambit matches and deposit 500 Motes. Dropped Motes subtract x2 score.
  5. Lights Out – As an invader, defeat 25 opposing Guardians in Gambit. Have an ally invader defeat four opposing Guardians in a single invasion three times, OR defeat four opposing Guardians as an invader.


Must have the Forsaken DLC.

Must have acquired The Seething Heart.

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1 review for Malfeasance

  1. Insidious Yoink (verified owner)

    Was stuck on the 4th step for weeks, just couldn’t get it done myself. Turned to Vince and team once again. I’ve used this service 5 times (at least) and they always get the job done.

    I’ve used them before, I’ll use them again, and I recommend you do too.

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