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Trials of Osiris – Flawless


We are proud to be offering the same professional Trials service with Destiny 2!

Tired of wasting hours, even days trying to go flawless? You have come to the right place.

Will you complete the Bounties?

We will pick up all the available Daily and Weekly bounties but will not guarantee they will get completed.

What Passage will you use?

We will use the Passage of Mercy when completing our Flawless runs. Please have the Passage already purchased or 25.000 glimmer available for us to buy the passage.

Flawless Rewards

    • 1-7 Wins – Reputation
    • 7 wins (Flawless 7-0) – Pinnacle Adept Weapon and Emblem Reward
  • Hardened By Trial Emblem
  • Flawless Empyrean Emblem

Looking to complete the Flawless Triumph Seal?

Random Rewards

The Ghost Shell, Sparrow, and Ship is a random drop from any passage. You can acquire these rewards even if you already have been flawless the same weekend.

Ghost Shell – In Memoriam Shell

Paradigm Shift – Sparrow

Winds of Change – Ship


Account Recovery:

  • 1780+ Base Power Level.
  • 25.000 Glimmer to purchase the Passage of Mercy.
  • When we contact you to tell you that we are about to sign on for your flawless YOU MUST STAY OFFLINE while we are working. If you sign on, we get signed out and you will likely have to re-purchase the order. We will contact you as soon as your flawless card is completed so that you know when you can sign back on. This is our fastest, cheapest, and most popular option. One of our partners will sign onto your profile and complete the activity for you. Once we are finished you then sign on and claim all of the flawless rewards.
  • If you are ordering an account recovery please fill in your login information at checkout so that we can work on your account. We will try contacting you directly 5 – 15 minutes before we sign onto your profile by email so that there are no surprises when we sign on.

Play with our team:

  • 1770+ Power Level.

While playing with our Sherpas, keep in mind that some, usually minimal effort on your end is required but the ability to communicate and follow directions is crucial so that you can help us help you. This is a GUARANTEED flawless. If you are ordering a c

159 reviews for Trials of Osiris – Flawless

  1. Winn (verified owner)

    Drew and his team had helped me getting an full set armor for my titan, I do Appreciate what They do to make it easier on me because it’s sometimes Trials can be stressful,

    Thank you, Drew, Vincent and all team.

  2. Insidious Yoink (verified owner)

    Great service, great communication. These guys always come thru.

  3. Mikey Webb (verified owner)

    As someone who gets very paranoid with giving out information for my account, the people at GuardianHq were professional and handle it just like they said they would. They processed my order within 30 minutes and within a couple hours my flawless ticket was done. There’s nothing more that I can say to them besides thanks and will be using them and referring others also.

  4. Chris Perez (verified owner)

    Everything was as expected. Great service. Will order again. A++

  5. awpmkiv03 (verified owner)

    I’ve been with Vince for about 4 years now and they are the definition of professional service these guys are quick and efficient the only people I would trust with my account. if anyone is looking for a boosting service done correctly this is the place.

  6. Chris Arbid (verified owner)

    I get my flawless done every week and it is quick fast and professional. Drew and Vince are great they communicate to when they start your order and finish your order. If you need things done this the place. I recommend adding some flawless seal triumphs when purchasing your flawless runs.

  7. Ethan (verified owner)

    Great easy fast all around well done!

  8. billrowland_627 (verified owner)

    vince and his team are very helpful

  9. billrowland_627 (verified owner)

    these guys are great and get things done in a timely manner

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