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Exotic Weapon Questline

The Wish-Ender is an Exotic Kinetic slot Combat Bow that has the ability to shoot through multiple targets and see enemies through walls while aiming down sights.

The Wish-Ender is acquired after completing 3 different steps. These missions are all between 570 – 590 in power level and include several interesting mechanics.   The Shattered Throne mission will reward 3 Powerful Rewards.

  1. Complete The Shattered Throne mission
  2. Complete the Secret Mission from Toland in Tangled Shore
  3. Complete the 3 Secret Bosses in The Shattered Throne

We will complete all these steps for you so you can have your own Wish-Ender.


Must be 560+ Power Level


This questline can only be completed during Week 3 of the Dreaming City cycle.

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