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Hello Guardians!

We are GuardianHQ, one of the first Destiny carry service providers helping guardians from all over the world Est. 2016. I have assembled some of the best teams in Destiny PvE & PvP to assure your order is done fast, professionally and that your information is always kept SAFE.. Because we know how much you value your hard earned loot and that old legendary you have sitting in your vault, we don’t like people messing with our stuff so we won’t mess with yours. With a proven track record of positive reviews and over 40,000+ services completed by our team,  rest assured you are in good hands.

A lot of gamers don’t have the time, roster or patience to complete various endgame activities some games have to offer.. That’s where we come in.  We offer a hassle-free solution for any activity completion no matter what your limitations may be. From Strikes to Flawless Raids and Competitive PvP, we do it all.

When you’ve guided the Destiny Service community and helped shape it, who would you rather leave your Destiny needs to? Your purchase will never be outsourced to other sellers and we will never fail you, that is 100% GUARANTEED. My goal as CEO & Founder of GuardianHQ is to build a strong, trustworthy relationship with all of my clients.

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