1. Cris on Trials of Osiris – Flawless

    Great guys and awesome service! Only place I trust with carrying me to flawless.
  2. jnoahx on Trials of Osiris – Flawless

    Hello everyone. This is by far the best Trials service out there. Vince and his team always make sure that they put the customer first. The experience from start to finish is seamless with top notch communication. The team that Vince has is some of the best players the destiny has to offer. Not only is this process safe and secure, it engages the customer into becoming a better player by learning and playing with the pros. His team is very professional and considerate and will get the job done in a timely manner. For anyone having doubts, please just give these guys a shot and you won't regret it! Top notch service, owner, and pros. Best in the business. Don't hesitate to not buy. As a long time member there guys are trustworthy and will treat you with respect!!!!! Vince goes through allot to make sure everyone of his clients are satisfied and treats you like family. This and other services will instantly get you hooked. A+ service!!!!!!!!!!! Prices are reasonable and support a great cause.
  3. Insidious Yoink on Vow of the Disciple

    Another great experience using the service of Vincent and his team. Anytime I get stuck with a piece of Destiny content, they are always there to successfully get me through. Honestly, if it wasn’t for GuardianHQ helping me to attain the unattainable, I probably wouldn’t bother playing Destiny any more.
  4. Josh on Vow of the Disciple

    Vince and his team are perfect as usual. Prompt completion time and exactly what you order. Crazy consistent.
  5. Winn on Master Vault of Glass

    Vincent and there team had helped me on Master VOG once again.I am very pleased with it... Thank you
  6. Insidious Yoink on Vex Mythoclast

    The drop rate for this weapon is not great. I don’t have the time or patience to run this week after week. Vincent and Team came thru for me once again. Can’t recommend this service enough - polite, professional, and proficient. A+
  7. Brad Wight on Prophecy Dungeon

    Great service and communication. I will use them again.
  8. Brad Wight on Vault of Glass

    Top tier service as always. Great communication, would recommend them to anyone.
  9. Winn on Vex Mythoclast

    Vincent and there team, had helped me getting the vex mythoclast. But they have better luck then I do, because I've done it for a few times but I wasn't lucky, Intel they done it and frist try they had got gun. I was very pleased with there work. Thank you, Guardian HQ.
  10. Winn on Trials of Osiris – Flawless

    Drew and his team had helped me getting an full set armor for my titan, I do Appreciate what They do to make it easier on me because it's sometimes Trials can be stressful, Thank you, Drew, Vincent and all team.
  11. Max Relyea on Vault of Glass

    Finished within a couple pf hourse after ordering, the one on one approach was amazing. Definetely reccomending these guys. Thank you Vincent!!
  12. Insidious Yoink on Malfeasance

    Was stuck on the 4th step for weeks, just couldn’t get it done myself. Turned to Vince and team once again. I’ve used this service 5 times (at least) and they always get the job done. I’ve used them before, I’ll use them again, and I recommend you do too.
  13. Insidious Yoink on Trials of Osiris – Flawless

    Great service, great communication. These guys always come thru.
  14. Mikey Webb on Trials of Osiris – Flawless

    As someone who gets very paranoid with giving out information for my account, the people at GuardianHq were professional and handle it just like they said they would. They processed my order within 30 minutes and within a couple hours my flawless ticket was done. There’s nothing more that I can say to them besides thanks and will be using them and referring others also.
  15. Winn Willie on Master Vault of Glass

    Thank you guardian HQ. They have signed into my account and did the master VOG for me, I had made it alot easy when I've there twitch account. I would say if you need help, I would recommend them to any of my clans or friends. They are very good on what they do. Thank you guys.
  16. Josh on 2 and 3 Player Raid Completion

    These guys are always great to work with! A+ Service! You can trust them!
  17. Frank on 2 and 3 Player Raid Completion

    This was amazing it was done very fast and they always gave me updates worth it 100% The team cares all about making the customer happy and they definitely do just that
  18. Leo on 2 and 3 Player Raid Completion

    Vince did an exceptional job communicating when the order will be started and completed. Beyond that, team doing the recov was very strong and the recov itself went very smooth. I would highly recommend using the Stream feature. There are a lot of intricacies you can learn from the team while they do the recov which will be very hard to learn by yourself unless you spend 8+ hours on an encounter (for low-man scenarios). For busy people who simply don't have the time or lack a good teammate, it is very valuable to absorb the strats from the experts at GuardianHQ. Streamers were very professional and took the time to explain what they were doing during the 2-man attempt. I had a great time watching them stream.
  19. P_Raven on Divinity

    No time looking for an lfg for a quest no one wants to do again? After they assembled the team, these guys logged in and completed the task in a little over an hour. No complains! would recommend it!
  20. Insidious Yoink on Last Wish Raid

    Returning customer with another order in the pipeline. Vincent and Drew are very good about answering questions and concerns. Delivered as promised once again.
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