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Deep Stone Crypt

Raid Completion

Beyond Light is here and with it our first new raid Deep Stone Crypt!

Not much is know about the new raid at this point in time, outside of it taking place on europa. There will be plenty of new rewards to earn for your Guardians! New armor set, weapons, mods and emblem to collect.


All rewards are completely RNG and not guaranteed.

  • Boss drops will reward Legendary raid rewards at a Pinnacle Level.
  • Unique Armor and Weapon drops.
  • Raid completion emblem: Crypt Reawakened



Posterity Hand Cannon
Succession Sniper Rifle
Trustee Scout Rifle
Commemoration Machine Gun
Heritage Shotgun
Bequest Sword

Eyes of Tomorrow – Exotic Rocket Launcher

This exotic rocket launcher has a chance to drop when you defeat the final boss of the raid.
We have a guaranteed service for this here.

Retrocausality – Exotic Sparrow

You get this exotic sparrow by completing the Not a Scratch Triumph.

No Love Lost – Exotic Ghost Shell

You get this exotic sparrow by completing the Rock Bottom Triumph.

Hidden Raid Chests – Extra Option!

We will obtain the hidden raid chest if you add this option.

These chests can possibly reward Deep Stone Crypt mods along with legendary raid armor.

Security Spoils

Cache of the Crypt – Extra Rewards!

Cache of the Crypt is available after defeating the final boss encounter and allows you to purchase additional rewards for Spoils of Conquest. Any armor of weapon drops you have already acquired from the raid can be purchased again for 20 Spoils for a random roll and 4 Caches are available for 60 Spoils each and they have a chance to reward either an armor or weapon drop. Each cache has its own loot table and the drop is random between the available items in the cache. Look below for a list.

  • Abomination Spoils Cache – Head, Chest, Leg, Sword or Machine Gun
  • Disarmament Spoils Cache – Chest, Arms, Class Item or Hand Cannon
  • Replication Spoils Cache – Arms, Legs, Class Item, Sniper Rifle or Shotgun
  • Security Spoils Cache – Arms, Legs, Class Item or Scout Rifle


  • You MUST have the spoils to acquire these items.
  • You MUST have discovered an item before buying it from the Cache.
  • Please NOTE on checkout which items/caches you would like us to purchase for you


Must have the Beyond Light DLC
You have to be of 1230+ Power Level

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Our team will sign onto your account and complete the service. Make sure you fill out our checkout form with the necessary details.   You will be notified via text or email before signing on.

Play With Our Team

Join us and complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid for a first hand look at how its done!

18 reviews for Deep Stone Crypt

  1. Insidious Yoink (verified owner)

    My second time using this service, another job well done.

  2. billrowland_627 (verified owner)

    these guys are fast and very helpful

  3. billrowland_627 (verified owner)

    these guys were fast and very responsive and I’m going to get repeated service from these guys

  4. Josh (verified owner)

    These guys are hands down the best. Very polite, professional and responsive.

  5. Joshua (verified owner)

    So fast and reliable; this service is the absolute best. Have and will use it again.

  6. Apuleyo Joya (verified owner)

    This service is amazing! Especially for those who don’t have time to grind. I Will definitely be using again.

  7. James

    The guys are always professional and great hel👍

  8. Winn (verified owner)

    Vincent and his team. Had helped me finished deep stone when I needed help. I highly recommend using this service. I’ve been using there service for a few times an they finished what I ask them.

  9. Jermaine Graham (verified owner)

    This group is absolutely amazing, this is my first time ever doing this due to my busy schedule and I know for a fact that anyone new will find this group to be highly reliable, recommend and so very appreciated just like I have, they will help you catch you up if you’re behind and help you stay on track if you already are, I definitely found my new fallback 💯🙏

  10. Oscar O (verified owner)

    I highly recommend! I have been using Vince’s services for years now and has been reliable since day one. With kids and a busy schedule Vince and his team has helped me keep up with the latest in destiny.

  11. Tim Wilde

    Vince and his team are top notch. I’ve used them multiple times now so figured I should have the courtesy to leave them a rating. Five stars all the way and I will most definitely use this service again.

  12. jtparrish1984 (verified owner)

    Great service as always, Vincent and his team are fast and extremely good at getting it done. Great loot and will use their service again and again.

  13. Brad Wight (verified owner)

    Thanks to Vincent and his team i’m able to get some gear that i will never have time to grind for. I work non-stop and only have a limited time to game. These guys are the best and i will continue to use their service.

  14. Robert Walters (verified owner)

    Vincent and his crew are top notch. 3 raids in the Deep Stone Crypt this week and on all my Characters. His service is very professional. Thanks to him this old man can get the lore and armor and weapons that would normally be out of my reach. I cannot recommend him enough.

  15. Hawk (verified owner)

    Vince, i wanted to take the time to thank you and your team for getting this raid done for me. You’re always so very responsive and I look forward to using your services again!


  16. Joshua Moody

    These guys rock hard-core, within an half an hour, these guys were on and blasted through the day one raid for me,, I will repeat service, thanks for the communication 👍

  17. B Brand

    Great communication and speedy service.

  18. wyh1999226

    very good and fast, and many good loot ! and enthusiasm customer service!!

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